Am I "Unfair to Hitler" ?

Just when you thought American political discourse had reached its nadir, and obligatory Hitler references had reached their apogee...

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First hour: Was Hitler the good guy?
Guest: Carolyn Yeager, host of Heretics' Hour radio show. Carolyn has been emailing me for years to tell me I'm unfair to Hitler. Recently she attacked Gordon Duff of Veteran's Today for supposedly being unfair to Hitler. So, in fairness to Hitler--and to Carolyn--I decided to invite Carolyn on my show to see what kind of pro-Hitler case she could make. In preparation, I'm (re-)reading some Hitler books including the Bullock and Toland biographies, Waite's The Psychopathic God, Hitler's own Mein Kampf, and Irving's Hitler's War.

When I try really hard to be fair to someone or something, I list their plusses and minuses.

Hitler +'s

*Kick-ass economic policy turned a basket-case nation into a powerhouse almost overnight
*Declared war on international bankers, freed Germany from their stranglehold
*Gave a good speech
*Knew a lot about a lot, thanks to his incredibly retentive memory
*Was a soft-hearted vegetarian oozing kindness to animals and little children

Hitler -'s

*Uber-racist obsessed with fantasies about "purity of Aryan blood"
*Uber-militarist who loved war and struggle and despised peace and tranquility (leading to the murder of 60 million people)
*Staged false-flag attacks to seize power and start wars
*Promoted hatred and persecution of religious/racial group perceived as "Semitic" and "Middle Eastern"
*Approved of genocidal colonialism of British, French, Belgians, Americans, etc. and wanted to imitate and surpass it
*Personality traits suggestive of narcissism and psychopathy
*Authoritarian, enemy of free thought
*Fanatic, enemy of balance and the juste milieu

Overall, the negatives overshadow the positives...especially considering the upshot of the positives:
*Built up the German economy only to destroy it.
*Temporary victory over international bankers turned to long-term defeat
*"Great speeches" were sound and fury signifying nothing
*"Knew" a lot of trashy trivia and misinformation, misused what genuine knowledge he had
*Was nice to animals and children, but was largely responsible for the death of 60 million human beings (along with untold suffering)--some humanitarian!

So Hitler was bad news. But are today's American leaders - especially the neocons - that much better? I made national news a few years ago by saying that comparing Bush to Hitler was "unfair to Hitler, who had at least 30 IQ points on Bush." I see no reason to revise that judgment. Going over the list of Hitler's positives and negatives, it looks to me like Bush/Cheney and the neocons, and to a lesser extent their Democratic and Republican enablers including the current administration, have all of Hitler's negatives and few of the positives. The Bush-Cheney reich, which continues under Obama: *Destroyed America's economy; *Subjugated the nation even further to the international bankers; *Waged de facto racist war against poor people, who are disproportionately people of color; *Launched a war for imperial-colonial world domination far beyond Hitler's wildest fantasies--a war likely to end in the deaths of hundreds of millions; *Launched the worst wave of bigotry in world history--the global phenomenon of Islamophobia--through a series of false-flag attacks of which 9/11 was the flagship; *Presided over an Orwellian suppression of free thought.

So if Hitler earns a D minus as a statesman and national leader, the leaders of the Cheney-Bush-Obama American Reich deserve an F.

Is that fair enough, Carolyn?

2nd hour: Gordon Duff, editor, Veterans Today.

Gordon Duff, one of the most provocative and prolific political writers working today, will discuss whether the recent Arizona shooting was a false-flag attack; Susan Lindauer's revelations of CIA 9/11 foreknowledge; and whether the received good-guys-vs.-bad-guys myth of World War II fits the facts. Gordon's recent forays into World War II revisionism drew an angry response from first-hour guest Carolyn Yeager, who feels that Gordon is--you guessed it--unfair to Hitler. So Gordon and I will spend an agreeable hour doing our best to be fair to everyone and everything.

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