Helen Caldicott joins the KB show today, 6 pm Central!

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Legendary anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott, MD is an inspiration to all of us who speak truth to power - and refuse to back down. Today, the Fukushima disaster is making Dr. Caldicott's warnings about the dangers of nuclear technology look prescient, even to many former skeptics.

Helen Caldicott has had a significant influence on my life. While taking international relations classes at the University of Wisconsin in the late 1970s I learned that the US and USSR had stockpiled thousands of nuclear weapons and put them on hair-trigger alert - and that experts like my (conservative Catholic) professor John Armstrong thought the chances of nuclear war between the superpowers in the foreseeable future were about 50/50. After studying in excruciating detail what a nuclear world war would entail, I concluded that Helen Caldicott was pretty much the only sane person on the planet. This led me to spend a year as a full-time anti-nuclear activist with the group SANE/Freeze.

Today, it is increasingly obvious that the dominant paradigm is literally insane. We are governed by psychopaths, and those who dare breathe a word of truth are pariahs. Helen Caldicott, who has made a career over many decades of passionately telling the unvarnished truth and letting the chips fall where they may, is a first-class inspiration, role model, and guide to the kind of changes we need to make if humanity is to have a future.

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