Joshua Blakeney, Veterans Today respond to Mossad-ADL assault!

Truth Jihad Radio this week:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is supposed to fight prejudice and bigotry. Yet it operates mainly as a defender of the world's last remaining officially racist state. In fact, it might as well be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mossad. The ADL's real motto is: "By way of defamation thou shalt do war."

Recently, the ADL defamed me and three writers for Veterans Today: Gordon Duff, Alan Sabrosky, and Jim Fetzer. As the only one of the four not working for Veterans Today, I was flattered at being singled out. I was also impressed that Veterans Today had earned such an accolade from Foxman. Obviously VT, a pro-9/11-truth operation which is now reaching a huge audience, is making certain people very uncomfortable. So I decided that as long as I'm being lumped with the VT crew I might as well go to work for VT myself. Hey, I AM a veteran of the 9/11 truth wars, right?

In honor of the occasion, this week my radio show will feature some of Veterans Today's leading writers. Monday it's Joshua Blakeney, who was just attacked by a Mossad agent; Tuesday Jim Dean, Associate Editor of VT, will discuss his forthcoming scoop about how Erdogan had to clean out Israeli agents from the top ranks of the Turkish military before announcing Turkey's break with Israel; Wednesday the inimitable Gilad Atzmon joins me for two full hours of music and conversation; and Friday I'll speak with VT's most prolific author, Stephen Lendman, about his brilliant new book How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War.

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Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 9/19/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Queen Elizabeth II Award-winning 9/11 scholar Joshua Blakeney just won two more big awards: He was congratulated by the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Lethbridge for winning a slot at Veterans Today; and then bashed by Mossad agent Michael Ross for winning so many awards and accolades. (When Mossad agents start crawling out from under their rocks to bash you in national newspapers, you know you've arrived.)

What's really hilarious about the ADL/Mossad offensive against Veterans Today is the praise they're heaping on us while they try to defame us. Foxman's original hit piece was actually rather complimentary; it called us the "most popular" people talking about evidence of Zionist/Israeli involvement in 9/11, and had nothing very bad to say about us. Mossadnik Michael Ross, likewise, has nothing very bad to say about Joshua Blakeney; on the contrary, he says Joshua is "heading for the top of the class" in the 9/11 truth world - an evaluation I would heartily endorse. Joshua, have you asked Ross if you can put his comments on your resumé?

Joshua will also discuss Cheney's upcoming visit to Calgary (rumors of a citizens' arrest attempt are swirling) as well as his recent Veterans Today articles.

Second hour: Whistleblower Mark Novitsky makes his debut on Truth Jihad radio! He writes: "I have been on the receiving end of illegal Domestic Electronic Surveillance since April of 2002... As a result of an illegal / abusive legal attack upon me by my former employer / substantial Tele-Services ECRM govt. contractor Tele Tech Holdings. I blew the whistle on this almost a decade ago!" Mark has been in and out of court fighting his former employer, and on the receiving end of some serious abuse from the deep state.

He is one of many who think something fishy is going on at the Denver Airport: "My former criminal employer / Govt. Contractor Tel Tech Holdings (TTEC) is headquartered in Denver so I flew there a few times and with family. DIA immediately struck me as disturbing...from the bizarre Satan Horse out front to the sick murals and gargoyles (since removed) and I noticed the HUGE amount of dirt being moved / removed (ODD...for being built on the top of a FLAT plateau) Massive ROWS of berm after berm after berm of dirt....seemingly 12-20 feet tall & blocks long 40-100 rows deep. -- Nuff said...for now."

And in his latest email: "I made a new friend at Wednesday nights BUSH fundraiser at the Beth El Synagogue...Lawyer (name deleted) who delivered a U.S.vs Bush etal indictment to MN AG (name deleted). We spoke a little about mutual concerns and today I was asked to attend an ex post facto select meeting (7 on 7) between the upper echelon Synagouge elites that thought it was a good idea to sponsor a War criminal fundraiser. (After a recent Condi Rice event) -- SO...if you have any specific questions you want me to ask let me know. I plan on asking about their gracious "forgive and forget" attitude for someone who's grandfather was reportedly a BIG Adolf Hitler fan / supporter and wanted to model that type of fascism here in the U.S. And perhaps something like bringing up the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES...hypothetically...Given the holocaust...if you knew of a cataclysmic event designated to eliminate much of the World's people...would they do something about it? -- Let me know about Monday... Maybe we can talk about with all that is going on...where is everybody...this ain't the 60's...WHY?"

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