"Truth movement" conversation continues with John Bursill

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 7/11/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page.

What's up with the 9/11 truth movement? I recently discussed this topic with Sander Hicks (listen here)  and Eric Sayward and Adam Syed (listen here).  Call-in number is ON today! 218-339-8525
Today's guest, John Bursill, an Australian 9/11 activist, begs to differ with some of the opinions expressed on those shows. John is known for his vociferous criticisms of Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and he seems to be an unofficial member of the group Adam Syed mistrusts - sometimes characterized as the "9/11 thought police," the folks who are all boycotting each other because each one thinks "associating with" the others will damage his or her credibility! Personally, I agree with Craig McKee when he says "the fight among truthers over how to stay credible has caused more problems than any 'crazy' theory has." I would go even farther, and say that anyone who boycotts any event because such-and-such a person or group will be there is either a disinformation agent being paid to stir up trouble, or utterly clueless about how PR and communications actually work, and how movements actually win or lose. Such a person automatically forfeits at least 75% of his or her credibility by being either dumb enough or ill-intentioned enough to engage in a boycott.  (Any boycott targets, by contrast, automatically get double credibility points, for being important enough to draw fire from fools and wreckers.)

I'm sure John Bursill doesn't agree. So instead of boycotting him, I'm bringing him on for two hours to give him a hearing!

The phone lines will be on, so feel free to call in and express your opinion: 218-339-8525

John Bursill (Born 1968) is a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer based in Sydney Australia working on Boeing Aircraft and is qualified in Avionics (Elect/Inst/Radio) on the 767, 747 and 737 series aircraft. He is a family man and involved with numerous community events and organisations. John has served his country as a member of the Australian Army Reserve over many years and finished up as acting Operations/Intelligence Sargent for 4/3 RNSWR. John considers himself a true patriot of his country and a supporter of the US alliance in the sense of us together supporting our national security, freedom and justice throughout the world, unfortunately this is not the case at present!
His community affiliations include;
Delegate: Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association
Member: Returned Serviceman’s League or Australia
Member: Amnesty International
Member: Lions International

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