Some Jewish-Muslim dialogue for Hallowe'en!

Mon.  10/31/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)
How Jews appear to Muslims

How Muslims appear to Jews

It's almost like we're seeing each other in monster masks.

Muslims, horrified by the Zionist genocide in Palestine, imagine that all Jews regard the goyim in general, and Arabs and Muslims in particular, as sub-human.

Jews, terrorized by Holocaust memories and the "pre-traumatic stress disorder" of envisioning what might some day develop from the growing anti-Zionist backlash, imagine that Arabs and Muslims are the new Nazis.

But rip off the masks, and Jews and Muslims both turn out to be human beings.

Today's Jewish-Muslim dialogue on Truth Jihad Radio may bust a few stereotypes. My first hour guest, Yehuda Littman, is a young Orthodox Jew who happens to be a 9/11 truther...and an incisive critic of the neocon anti-truther smear artist Jonathan Kay. Yehuda aptly observes that the murderous islamophobia unleashed by the 9/11 inside job bears an uncanny resemblance to the anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany. For Yehuda, "never again" means "never again for anybody."

Yehuda's new article Holocaust apologist Jonathan Kay: A Bully Among the Truthers is a 9/11 truth masterpiece!

Second hour guest Nadeem Haque says Islam is not about blind faith - it's about seeking and discovering the truth by setting aside our biases and preconceptions, and using our God-given capacity to reason. From this perspective, the Islamic revelation was not about starting yet another tribe; it is instead a universal reminder to seek the truth that lies behind the illusions of the individual and tribal egos.

Nadeem Haque was born in East Africa in 1960 and then migrated to England and Canada. His early interest in Islam and Philosophy and a resolution to the 'Big Questions' has led him to write seven books which have been published and numerous articles, most of which have appeared in both Muslim and non-Muslim peer reviewed journals. He is also  a Professional Engineer who has worked in several areas of Civil Engineering.

Nadeem has been involved in dawah activities for more than thirty years in the West and was also the co-founder of the King's College Islamic Society in the United Kingdom. He is the grandson of the late Al Hafiz B.A. Masri who has become famous for his works on Ilam and Animal Welfare.

His works range on topics from the unification of physics to macroevolution and also on the Quranic evidence for his views. He has also written three fiction works in the extremely rare genre of Islamic Science fiction. Three of his four works have been published and are: Truth in Time; Search for the Question to the Answers of Life and Escape from Sirius:The Doomsday Protocol. He resides near Toronto.

Today I will interview him on his philosophical science fiction work.

I wonder what Truth Jihad Radio guest Vincent Bugliosi would think of Nadeem's proof of the existence of God?

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