Dr. John Morrow vs ISIS; Gordon Duff on Ebola operation

Friday 10/17 - Listen live - 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio: http://www.freedomslips.com/  - click on the "Studio B" button. To be rebroadcast Sunday 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Eastern on http://NoLiesRadio.org  and then archived at the usual spot.
Pope Francis receives Dr. Morrow's book on Muslims' obligation to protect Christians
First hour: Dr. John Morrow, author of The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World, deplores the ISIS false flag operation against Islam; and Evelien Gilbert also joins us to discuss the NATO military exercise Southern Katipo that may have prepared a US-NATO invasion of Syria.
Second hour: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, says a rogue group (NOT the Mossad) is sending Ebola sufferers to the US to spread the disease. Two minutes after posting an article to that effect, VT was taken down by "a massive assault from the US Army Signals/Hacker Corps at Ft. Huchuca." Gordon also discusses "9/11 nuclear demolition" and the strange case of Gareth Porter's "regretting" attending the New Horizons Conference two weeks ago in Tehran...a statement that seemed oddly coordinated with an attack on the Conference by the Israeli propaganda agency ADL.

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