Environmental scientist AK Dewdney takes on "global warming"

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University of Western Ontario professor AK Dewdney - founder of Scientific Professionals Investigating 9/11 - is a computer scientist and mathematician who specializes in environmental science. He is not on any oil company payrolls. But his new article draft The Influence of the Solar Magnetic Field on Earth’s Climate begs to differ with the alleged "scientific consensus" about anthropogenic global warming - I mean, climate change.

Is atmospheric carbon really the main cause of rising temperatures - and are they really still rising? Or did the warming trend of the 20th century, which peaked in the 1990s, flat-line around the turn of the millennium? And might this be related to such non-anthropogenic factors as the rise in cloud-forming cosmic radiation due to a weaker solar magnetic field, as Henrik Svensmark suggests?

In this interview Dr. Dewdney lambastes the IPCC "consensus" - which he says is no scientific consensus at all - and comes out for the alternative theory based on the work of Svensmark. He also begs to differ with former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer's claims about the high-level cover-up of an alleged extraterrestrial presence on earth - another topic that Hellyer and Dewdney will be arguing about over dinner next week. (Wish I could be there!)

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