Anthony Hall on "9/11 Reality", Timothy Grey on "Agropocalypse Now"

Friday 12/26 - Listen live - 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution Radio:  - click on the "Studio B" button. To be rebroadcast Sunday 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Eastern on  and then archived at the usual spot.

First hour: Anthony Hall discusses his new article "Ken O'Keefe and the Battle for 9/11 Reality," which was taken down from Veterans Today due to an editorial dispute. (The above link works!) Topics include Zionist complicity in the 9/11 inside job, Israel's hostile takeover of Canada, universities as enemies of truth, ISIS as a Mossad operation, and Canadian parliamentarian Elizabeth May's reading of a 9/11 truth petition into the parliamentary record.

Second hour: Timothy Grey, filmmaker whose previous credits include the Lyme disease exposĂ© Under the Eight Ball, on his new film project Agropocalypse Now. Topic: A Brazilian corporate soybean-production project is about to trash a lot of rainforest and evict a lot of people from their homes…unless we care enough to stop it.

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