Friday, August 21, 2015

James Perloff unravels the mysteries of Flight 11; Art Olivier warns of neocon false flag targeting Iran

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James Perloff, author of the bestselling The Shadows of Power
First hour: What really happened to the passenger airliners of 9/11? How was the illusion of hijackings manufactured? Bestselling author and NWO critic James Perloff writes: "Hello, friends. I’ve just published a new post on 9/11, Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11. I learned a few new things while writing it." Such as:
 "On 9/11, The Flight 11 Crew KNEW They Were Taking Part In a Terror Drill!"

Second hour: Art Olivier, maker of the classic 9/11 truth action film Operation Terror, thinks Iran is being set up:

"The United States is unfreezing Iranian assets while allowing Iran to buy aerial tankers and advanced fighter jets that the United States funded the development of. Looks like the stars may be aligned for the world’s greatest false-flag attack."

Watch Art's video laying it out:


  1. Kevin, would you please tell James Perloff that
    it's not 9-1-1 it's 9-11. 9-1-1 is who you call in emergency

    9-11 is the date of the world's biggest ins. fraud.

  2. They picked the emergency-number date to launch the permanent “Emergency” that would end Constitutional rule. They want us to subliminally confuse the “attack on America” with the 9-1-1 emergency number.

    So if we do call it “9-1-1” we should do so with a heavy tone of sarcasm, and the above explanation.