A Catholic, a Muslim, and a secular humanist walk into an abortion debate

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At the 38:20 mark of last week's False Flag Weekly News, co-host Jim Fetzer and I argued about Planned Parenthood, the breakdown of the family, and related issues.

So I thought it would be interesting to bring Jim face-to-face with some even MORE opposing views: Those of Catholic historian-activist E. Michael Jones.

I had hoped for a philosophical discussion of family values issues, using Planned Parenthood as a touchstone. But what I got was mainly an exchange of utterly incommensurable views on abortion.

Catholic historian E. Michael Jones and secular humanist philosopher Jim Fetzer seem to speak completely different languages that go right past each other. Was that because Jim wasn't listening and responding to what he heard, but just reading pre-scripted boilerplate, as Mike said at the end of the show, when things devolved into a shouting match? Or does philosophy require that kind of elaborately organized and outlined approach, as Jim claims?

Listen and decide.

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