Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Debating Trump/Bibi/Israel with Stephen Lendman and Ian Greenhalgh...featuring INSANE Alex Jones clip!

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Is Donald Trump a breath of fresh air or a mob-frontman charlatan and Zionist pawn? To answer that question, Truth Jihad Radio consults with:

*Stephen Lendman, leading light of the alternative media, who takes a guardedly optimistic view of America under Trump;


*Ian Greenhalgh, leader of the Trump skeptics at Veterans Today

And last but not least, this show features astonishing clips from Alex Jones, whose over-the-top rants about how wonderful Israel is and how the world will end if Bibi Netanyahu is arrested have to be heard to be believed.


  1. Kevin, Perhaps someday when you're a Senior Citizen
    you'll realize what Alex Jones learned when he was known
    as Bill Hicks. It doesn't matter what the "truth" is, what
    matters is what people "believe".

    1. If the spirit of Bill Hicks was forced to enter the body of Alex Jones, Bill must have done something really bad to deserve such punishment.

  2. I don't take much notice of Alex Jones but the clips you played have confirmed my worst suspicions about the man.

  3. "a mob-frontman charlatan and Zionist pawn"

    Well said. 'F. William Engdahl' who recently was on 'Guns & Butter' is of that opinion for sure.

    As a side note, 'le cercle des volontaires' removed the excellent interview recorded in France with you, Kevin, and Anthony Hall. Searching their YouTube channel for Barrett returns nothing. Might it be another sign that every "truth seeker" has his price ?.