J. Michael Springmann: Internet oligarchs censoring "weaponized migration"

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A strange thing happened when J. Michael Springmann paid FaceBook to advertise his new book GoodbyeEurope? HelloChaos?: Merkel's Migrant Bomb. Whereas his previous book Visas for Al-Qaeda had picked up hundreds of "likes" through the FaceBook program, the new one was only getting a handful. After a long and frustrating investigation, Springmann finally was informed that his book had been stifled because it was "hate speech." And no, they weren't going to refund his money!

Mike Springmann, a practicing attorney and former State Department diplomat, is a thinker, not a hater. And while his analysis of "weaponized migration" may not please everyone — I don't agree with all of it myself — it is more than worthy of careful consideration. Read Barrie Zwicker's terrific review:


In the final analysis, Mike Springmann is NOT spreading hatred of immigrants. Instead, he is providing facts and analysis that could lead people to become justifiably angry at US government policymakers and the oligarchs who own them. The censorship he is experiencing is outrageous and un-American.

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