Geraldo-educator Tony Szamboti, Pentagon attack expert Barbara Honegger on Truth Jihad Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 11/13/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Tony Szamboti returns! Tony had to leave early last week and rush across town to join an amazing Geraldo Rivera WTC-7 episode at the Fox News studio.

Tony Szamboti authored the peer-reviewed Journal of 9/11 Studies paper "The Sustainability of the Controlled Demolition Hypothesis for the Destruction of the Twin Towers." He will be critiquing the Harrit-Rancourt debate and explaining why the Towers must have been demolished with explosives. Tony Szamboti is a Mechanical Design Engineer with over 20 years experience in the Aerospace and Communications industries, responsible for designing a large variety of structures required to perform in dynamic environments. He is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Second hour: Pentagon attack expert Barbara Honegger, "founding mother" of the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth - the historic 9/11 truth event that (for better or worse) kicked off the Tea Party movement! (for "worse," scroll down)

Watch my speech at the 2006 Tea Party

Barbara's seminal article "The Pentagon Attack Papers" - just updated a few days ago - shows definitively that the government's version of what happened at the Pentagon is fraudulent. (For supporting evidence, see CIT's National Security Alert, and the work of my Muslims for 9/11 Truth colleague Enver Masud.)

The updated version of The Pentagon Attack Papers includes critically-important all-new material including interviews with former terror czar Richard Clarke and other high-level officials. It is one of the most important pieces of investigative journalism on 9/11 ever produced.

During the interview, Barbara will clarify some confusions that have arisen involving the conflation of her work with the complementary work of CIT, and address the question of why a few key players at 911blogger are using bogus arguments, ad-hominems and outright censorship to attack and suppress research disproving the official version of the Pentagon attack.

Barbara Honegger is one of the most grossly underrated heroes of the 9/11 truth movement. Alongside her high-quality and utterly damning research on the Pentagon and anthrax attacks, Honegger was the key source for Mike Ruppert's work on 9/11 war games - AND the Founding Mother of the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth!

From her bio:

Barbara Honegger worked as a researcher at the Hoover Institution before joining the Ronald Reagan administration as a researcher and policy analyst in 1980. Honegger headed Reagan's gender discrimination agency review before resigning in August, 1983.

While working for Reagan she discovered information that convinced her that George H. W. Bush and William Casey had conspired to make sure that Iran did not release the U.S. hostages until Jimmy Carter had been defeated in the 1980 presidential election.

In 1987 Honegger began leaking information to journalists about the Reagan administration. However, it was not until Reagan left office that Honegger published October Surprise (1989). In her book, Honegger claimed that in 1980 William Casey and other representatives of the Reagan presidential campaign made a deal at two sets of meetings in July and August at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid with Iranians to delay the release of Americans held hostage in Iran until after the November 1980 presidential elections. Reagan’s aides promised that they would get a better deal if they waited until Carter was defeated.

In the years since October Surprise was published other sources such as Ari Ben-Menashe have come forward to confirm Honegger's story.

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Barbara Honegger, Founding Mother of the Tea Party Movement, Demands a Blood Test!

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